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即使你没在 巴夏通灵现场

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 本文摘要:For the most part, your message, the message you put out is is in the positive.绝大部分状况下,你带来的信息,认可全是全力正脸的巴夏:Yes!是的!


For the most part, your message, the message you put out is is in the positive.绝大部分状况下,你带来的信息,认可全是全力正脸的巴夏:Yes!是的!It's the manual that allows reality to work to your a in a positive way.这种信息是“具体指导指南”,描绘的是:怎样运行你的空性,使之产生你正脸的帮助It's a of how to stay in that state, so that it is in al with who you truly are, rather than in m怎样保持在那样的情况,进而与“的确的你”保持一致,并非 误差背驰问:o the people that attend here in person, they get affected not only by the message, but also by the energy of being here.因此 ,这些赶赴提审当场的人,她们不但被这种信息所危害,也被这儿的动能所危害巴夏:If they choose to match the frequency, yes!假如她们随意选择与这儿的动能电台广播完全一致得话,那麼,是的!问:Can you speak a little bit about the people who are watching this through Ustream throughout the world你可否谈一谈这些遍布全世界全国各地,根据直播现场服务平台Ustream欣赏本次提审的人的?They're watching it, but are not here phys, how...?她们也在欣赏,但人却出不来这儿,这又怎样……?巴夏:It doesn't necessarily always matter.否返回当场,不一定一直那麼最重要ecause again, they simply have the opportunity to match the frequency of the concepts that we're sharing with you.由于,我再说一遍,她们也是有机遇 与大家所共享资源的信息(定义)的頻率电台广播完全一致ecause the concepts themselves have frequencies.由于信息(定义)自身,是有頻率的o while they may not l phys be being bathed in the bubble of the electromagnetic field that contains the v.尽管她们的人体有可能没 清洗在现场的磁场的“动能泡沫”中,也就是包含这种震动的地区There are still electromagnetic fields being created as this is transmitte your technology to them可是,当这种信息,根据大家的高新科技传送给他时,这一磁场仍然不容易被创设出去ecause remember, they're not hearing the or由于,要求忘记,她们听到的,并不是“详细信息”It's translated into electrical an back into acoustic ones for them to hear the words,只是详细信息 再行转化成“脉冲电流”,再行转到“声学材料单脉冲”,随后,才有她们听到的语句ut the electromagnetic are still there, and do at least to some carry the marker of those v可是,这一电磁脉冲仍然不会有,而且,至少在一定水平上装车了提审当场的震动的标识ow upon their relat in their belief systems to the idea of physical . Some of them may experience that v more and some may experience it less.而她们信心系统软件中,她们与“物理学间距”的关联,规定了:有的人有可能 工作经验到的这一震动更为多一点,有的人则有可能 工作经验到的少一点ut that's all based on their idea of what physical means但这一切都根据她们对“物理学间距”的讲解For those that might un that physical is an . They will experience the v as if they were here.针对这些搞清楚“物理学间距仅仅个幻相”的人而言,她们感受到的震动,如同她们是在现场一样For those that still have a sense of holding on to the concept of physical as something more remote而针对这些仍然强调“物理学间距的不会有,便是较为自身比较很远的地方”的人Then they may alter the v to also represent the idea that they are in another physical location她们很有可能会对“当场震动”保证些修改,进而标志 自身在此外一个物理学方向that's not as as the one that you may be exper in our actual presence now那麼,她们便会像大家一样 近距地感受大家当场临在的震动ut that on the person.但这都需看本人问:OK!好!下边这个视频,有可能有利于大伙儿的讲解《若世界是幻相,那幻相是什么?》巴夏:ecause we have said many times that大家早就数次谈及hysical reality is like a mirror.现实世界(空性),看上去一面镜子It's a reflection,就是你心里的光线(磁感应)And in a sense, it's not really that there's anything out there,在某种意义上谈,外边哪些也没There really is no physical reality out there外边,并没有什么“空性”That's an ,全是“幻相”《金刚经》:凡全部相互之间,均是荒谬若载于相非相互之间,即见如来佛祖ut it functions like a mirror,全球的具有,如同一面镜子o that you have a feedback mechanism,那样,你也就拥有一个反馈A reflection to let you know“浴室镜子”所光线的影象,给你搞清楚That the reality you are exper is absolutely reflective of你一直在现实世界中的一切感受,全是你的磁感应The belief systems, the emotions and the thought patterns, the behaviors全是你的信心系统软件、心态、思维方式、不负责任方法的磁感应That you have arranged, that the frequencies of those things that you have created in your physical personality,都源于你本质所决策的、所开创的振频o that the outer idea, the outer reality or the appearance of the outer reality因此 ,外在全球,或是外在现象Act as a gu都可以做为一个标识牌Act as a marker做为一个标识Acts as a s做为一个路牌For what it is you are choosing to believe is true向你强调:你随意选择确信什么是现实的ecause what you believe is true is what you're putting out as v,一切你所确信的,你就是在电磁波辐射适度的振频And what you put out as the v但你电磁波辐射出带的这种振频is what reflected back to you by the physical reality in any number of symbolic an ways,在现实世界中,不容易以一系列代表性的事情光线回来(显化)As we have said,如大家以前讲到的hysical reality is very much l like a mirror现实世界(空性),就看上去一面镜子And you know that when you see a reflection in a mirror你也告知,如果你看著镜中的影象That if you have a frown on your face假如你板着脸You know you don't go over to the mirror and try to change the expression on the face of the reflection,你是会踏入前,妄图变化镜子中的自身的脸部情绪You know that will never work,你告知,那么保证不好There's not really anything over there浴室镜子里边全都没That's not really you out there那个你,也不是了解你That's an , it's a reflection,那仅仅虚像,是全反射组成的影象ut you know that if you change the frown on your face to a smile.你也告知,假如你依然皱眉,只是遮挡住笑容You will also know that the reflection will have absolutely no choice but to smile back.那麼这一影象将没有什么随意选择,必定带话你一个笑容ut you have to smile first.但你必不可少再行哈哈大笑You cannot wait for the reflection to smile before you do你没法等这一影象再行哈哈大笑efore you to be happy.没法等这一影象再行打起精神If you to be happy, the reflection will reflect that back假如你下决心要愉悦,那麼影象也不会说明出有愉悦ut as we have for many, many, many years now talke the idea that大家早就讲到了很多很多年:hysical reality is a reflection,现实世界(空性)仅仅一个磁感应/光线It seems very that none of you actually asked但很有趣的是,居然没有人问:ashar? What is actually doing the reflecting“巴夏,到底是什么东西,光线出有这世界呢?”That's very question“这个问题,有趣!”ecause of there's really nothing out there.由于假如外边了解是“虛空的虛空”What is actually reflecting back these exper to us?那光线让我们的这一切一切感受,到底是什么呢?That is also a very goo.“这个问题也问得好!”What is reflecting back is your higher mind,光线让你的一切,全是你的低我Your higher mind, in a sense v, creates the effect of你的低我,正处在高频率震动情况,能够生产制造出有泡沫状的能量场实际效果wrapping or surrounding or encasing or your physical personality, in a bubble of energy,看起来看上去将你这肉身包复寄居、围绕着寄居,你也许在泡沫管理中心a frequency, a part frequency that allows the higher mind to actually function as a reflective surface, as a mirror低我的相近的振频,必须生产制造出有那么一个,类似浴室镜子的实际效果The higher min is what is actually reflecting the v of the personality structure back to ,“低我之镜”向你光线的,便是你这没有肉身的振频In order to get the experience you call physical reality那样你才可以在现实世界(空性)感受人生道路An it seem by that part frequency that it is operating on低我的特殊的震动y that part s v it is actually operating on也就是低我的标志性振频Makes it seem as if that reflection is actually outside of you,所组成的光线实际效果,便是:这一切看上去都在你以外When in fact, all of that actually going on your consc,但实际上,这一切都再次出现在你观念以内ut the higher mind, by using, by choosing that part frequency,你的低我,根据随意选择、用以那样特殊的振频y being that way根据相近的设计方案Makes it appear as if creates the in your consc that进而在你的观念中,生产制造出有那样的幻相Everything is actually being projecte you, holograph.


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